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Merging Metamorphosis: Rahul Inamdar and Alex Davis

December 6, 2021-January 9, 2022

Tao Art Gallery, 165, The View, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tao Art Gallery presents Merging Metamorphosis, a show featuring Rahul Inamdar and Alex Davis, two artists with independent mediums, exploring their common experience of the creation of art. In his current series, Inamdar uses the canvas’ absorbent qualities actively in the art-making. The lines drawn merge into the oil and create unique shapes, pulling in the viewer to explore their mystery. Davis embraces a similar dichotomy in his sculptural creations. Sharp stainless steel evolves to become a delicate fluid design and enormity in scale is balanced by the intricacies of his work. Nature is the muse for this series as he brings to life architectural plants like blossoms, orchids, creepers and bamboo groves.

Find out more on the Tao Art Gallery website.