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Minimal Consciousness: Sheetal Gattani

November 4-December 2, 2022

Gallery Espace, 16, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gallery Espace presents Minimal Consciousness, a solo show by contemporary artist Sheetal Gattani. Presenting paper and recent canvases by Gattani, this is the artist’s first solo show at Gallery Espace and in the capital, after a long gap of 15 years. Gattani’s canvases are expanses of a single colour, the acrylic paint applied layer upon layer – sometimes as many as 50 – so that the surface bristles with colours, dark and light, with undertones of contrasting shades peeping through the dominant hue. The results are works of quiet power that engender a feeling that is elevating though indefinable and intangible.