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January 12-February 28, 2023

Art & Soul Foundation Ground Floor, Madhuli, Shivsagar Estate, Worli, Mumbai, India

Art & Soul Foundation presents Digital Dopamine by artist Jenny Bhatt.

An ever-changing, ever-absorbing, world where reality, truth, and memory nourish quotidian experiences that augment divergent identities at a plurality of points in life. The world as we know is brilliantly confusing and on display are memoirs, touching time present and time past.

Jenny Bhatt’s work is primarily about the Pursuit of Happiness (Moksh) which uses humor to comment on social and cultural practices. Her oeuvre is a blend of pop surreal psychedelia and eastern philosophy infused with happiness. She works with a concept she created, called MokshaShots. In eastern philosophy, ‘Moksh’ means salvation. Considering our lifestyle, we seemingly may not gain complete moksh, but can get a shot of it. A “Mokshashot” is a character that can be made from anything that is fulfilling; art, chocolate, or a Dopamine shot! This series titled Digital Dopamine explores what constitutes our happiness and how we define it. “We are programmed to measure our self-worth by the number of casual interactions on various digital platforms. We seem to have forgotten how to define happiness without comparing it with others.” This series unveils MindMaps which explore our subconscious minds via memory, nostalgia, self-perception, and the spiritual search. In ancient cultures, Cosmograms were considered energy diagrams, to balance that of the mind and body with the environment. Jenny creates contemporary Cosmograms as objects of contemplation using digital symbols, icons, and psychological experiences triggered by them.

“Much of our minds and our lives are now spent in digital environments. Technology promises to be our path to Moksh.”