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Monumental Turns: Ayesha Singh

August 26-September 24, 2023

Nature Morte, The Dhan Mill, Chhatarpur Hills, Pocket D, Dr Ambedkar Colony, Chhatarpur, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Nature Morte presents Ayesha Singh’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, Monumental Turns. The artist has created three new sculptural installations, responding to the spaces of the gallery. With her works, Singh continues to pursue conversations which make evident the hierarchies of socio-political power that are inherent in architecture through research into India’s capital city, New Delhi, the artist’s home town. Architecture functions not only as a tangible link to the past, but is also ascribed to the creation of proposed historic facts. Our cityscapes endure the complexities of human existence through centuries of rising and falling empires, natural adversities, and war. The construction, propagation, and legitimization of history has a way of establishing our sense of identity and belonging, as both individuals and as a nation-state. When our reality is continuously being erased and rewritten, to what do we tether our understanding of the present?