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Neverland Post Office: Rajesh Deb

March 20-April 16, 2022

Art Heritage, 205 Tansen Marg, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Art Heritage presents Neverland Post Office, an exhibition of Rajesh Deb’s recent acrylic, woodcut, ink work and artist books.

In continuation of his Testimony of Tolerance solo exhibition at Art Heritage in 2018 where Deb looked at identity in the context of historical figures and events, Neverland Post Office frees the viewer from the constraints of history, creating a series that draws on themes of reinvention, separation and belonging. It draws references and inspiration from J.M. Barrie’s mythical Neverland and Agha Shahid Ali’s collection of poems The Country Without a Post Office, inviting audiences to take stock of the absurdities of pre-pandemic and recent times, and reflect on their own actions.

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