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Nowness in Time: Trishla Jain

August 10-September 18, 2023

Akara Contemporary, 3C Amarchand Mansion, 2nd Floor, 16 Madam Cama Road, Colaba, Mumbai, India

Nowness in Time is a continuation of Trisha Jain’s early work. The two series, Yantra and Tantra that create and expand Jain’s first solo exhibition at Akara Contemporary may initially stand starkly apart from each other, but, on slow immersion through time spent with each painting, the dots and dashes configure themselves differently across canvases to create new compositions.

These configurations resonate with the present, which arises from mindfulness associated with discovering the expanse of space that exists in each of us between the breath and the mind a time when everything in our world seems driven and controlled by technology, Jain’s works invoke a sense of surrender grounded in trust that comes with letting go of control to accept freedom.

There is sustained mindfulness in this achievement from observing oneself through the breath and mind in the present moment, in the ‘Nowness in Time’. With this alignment of the mind and breath, there is a very conscious space that arises within the body of work and the human body. For a form to be defined it requires space. It is only when there is distance that one begins to observe patterns, grids, and structures. On coming too close, the detail takes over but then pushes the viewer back to create a space that allows one to be absorbed into the painting’s entirety. It is in this act of emptying that we are nourished to the brim with a contemplative energy and light which brings with it contentment, peace and harmony.

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