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Of Gods and Men: Sakti Burman

October 7-November 30, 2021

Art Musings, # 1 Admiralty Building, Colaba Cross Lane, Mumbai, India

Art Musings presents Of Gods and Men, a solo exhibition of Sakti Burman with over 100 works on display, the majority of which were made during the COVID pandemic in 2020-21. Burman’s paintings show a world of reverie and fantasia populated by mythic beings and personae that reflect the artist’s self and his family circle. We have the sensation of having wandered into a theatre dominated by divine or archetypal presences in these works: the goddess Durga, for instance, or the child Krishna, or an unknown god presiding over the cosmos in many-armed splendour; or then the figure of Harlequin, in his chequered costume, from the commedia dell’arte.

View the works on the Art Musings website.