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Otherwhile: Jitish Kallat

December 4, 2022-January 4, 2023

Chemould Prescott Road, Queens Mansion, 3rd floor, G. Talwatkar Marg, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Chemould Prescott Road presents Otherwhile by Jitish Kallat, a solo exhibition twenty-five years since his debut solo at the gallery in 1997

Otherwhile is an assembly of various themes and ideas that have stayed consistent through much of Kallat’s work, some of which trace back to his early days in the nineties. Over the years Kallat has created a vast body of work that situates itself at the intersections of science, philosophy, history, mathematics and natural geometry. This exhibition brings together a cross section of his vigorously diverse practice: a monumental wallpaper of drawings, large paintings, freestanding double-sided photographic works and sculpture that materializes distant cosmic phenomenon in three dimensions.