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Passage Through The Veil: Sanjay Barot

10-17 December, 2023

Rukshaan Art at The Stainless Gallery, Mira Corporate Suites, 1 & 2, Old Ishawar Nagar, Okhla Crossing, Mathura Road, Delhi, India

Rukshaan Art is pleased to present artist Sanjay Barot’s solo exhibition titled Passage Through The Veil, as part of its two solo shows presentation in Delhi.

Each of Barot’s large scale works is layered with colours and masked with purposeful intent, and enclosed within a wooden teak frame that becomes an entry point of society that they have created for their viewers. The canvas is patterned by bold lines, layered almost a hundred times, along with passages that provide space for playing out truths that personal to the artist.

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