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5-30 April, 2021

Art Alive Gallery, S-221 Panchsheel Park, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Art Alive Gallery presents Patterns of Intensity – a group show that builds upon the gallery’s initiative to offer space for incubation of new narratives and fresh creative energy, providing a platform for over ten young, contemporary artists including works by two of the newest artists to their roster, Barkha Gupta and Vipul Badva.

Curated by Ranjit Hoskote, the exhibition brings together works which are strongly engaged with the challenges of habitation, belonging, settlement, design and the environment. In a world assailed by the pandemic, dislocation and uncertainty, these artists offer us hope in crafting a way out of seemingly impossible predicaments; they inspire us with the freshness of their approach to problems and materials, their recalibration of traditional questions of form, content, and the relevance of art to life.

To find out more, visit the gallery’s website here.