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Peripheral Visions: Journeys of Migration and Belonging

March 18-April 29, 2023

Arthshila Santiniketan, Shyambati, Bolpur, West Bengal, India

Arthshila is pleased to present their latest exhibition, Peripheral Visions: Journeys of Migration and Belonging, curated by Abeer Gupta and Tenzing Sedonla Ukyab Lama.

Peripheral Visions brings together the diverse visions of artists from the Trans-Himalayan region to delve into the interplay of identity and the landscapes, architecture, and experiences that forge it. The exhibition peers through a critical lens to reveal the gaze of the periphery and the many perspectives shaped by migration and belonging. With roots in representation politics and cultural heritage conservation, the works on display inspire a re-imagination of identity and call for a rethinking of the narratives that shape our worldview.