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Raza in Bombay 1943 – 1950

23-27 February, 2022

Piramal Aranya, Piramal Museum of Art, ES Patanwala Marg, Byculla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Piramal Museum of Art presents a special exhibition of works by S.H. Raza on the occasion of the artist’s birth centenary.

The show will showcase over 40 pieces of Raza’s art and include ten never exhibited works of art for the first time. Raza had an extraordinary relationship with the city of Mumbai and was renowned for his watercolour depictions of the bustling metropolis. From aerial views of the scenic queens necklace and the busy market places to the cacophony of the streets captured beautifully in his brushwork, Raza had a knack for capturing the city in his moment.

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