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Reign of Hearts, Altar of Mirages: Gurmeet Marwah

March 15-April 15, 2023

Gallerie Nvya,101-103, Square One Designer Arcade, C-2, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gallerie Nvya is pleased to present Gurmeet Marwah’s solo Reign of Hearts, Alter of Mirages.

Embodying satire and whimsy, Marwah’s work explores the human psyche, expressing fragments of fragility, uncertainty, and stability — or perhaps its lack thereof. There is a need for a sense of reliable static. There are posed questions, and an urgency to navigate. There is an ingrained personal politics, an internal brawl. The artist uses a controlled palette. Works in charcoal on linen, have a monochromatic temperament, interrupted by the brightness of occasional crimson reds and azure blues. There is a playful innocence to his compositions, but a complimenting, contradictory seriousness that is revealed when studied up close. Titles gesture at the precarity of sentimentalities and a search for heartsease. Additionally, Marwah also critiques societal constructs and materialistic aspirations, while touching on the impermanence of it all. Through his work, he not only unveils his personal dilemmas but also nudges the viewer to introspect and question the fabric in which routine situates, as he grapples with personal and occurring accounts.
Reign of Hearts, Alter of Mirages is curated by Shristi Sainani. The show runs from 5th March to 5th April 2023.