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Revisions on the Surface: Group Show

December 3, 2022-January 3, 2023

Gallery Dotwalk, B19/5 F, First Floor, Golf Course Rd, DLF Phase 1, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Gallery Dotwalk presents Revisions on the Surface, a group show curated by Premjish Achari. Featuring works from artists Aji VN, Bose Krishnamachari, Manas Naskar, Mansoor Mansoori, Prajakta Palav Aher, Prerna Sharma, Shobha Broota, Shibu Natesan, Sneh Mehra and Tom Vattakkuzhy, the exhibition presents a new outlook towards the practice of painting. The curator proposes that painting is developed through continuous revisions on the surface, whether it is canvas, board, or paper.

The attempt through this exhibition is also to unravel the materiality of the painting, mainly engaging more profoundly with the surface. Revisions on the Surface is an exclusive survey of contemporary Indian painting and invites artists to engage with this conceptual position through paintings. Apart from the artworks, artists are invited to send their responses through writing, audio, or video to these questions.