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Rite of Passage: Megha Joshi

December 1, 2022-February 12, 2023

Studio Art, W-16 Okhla Phase II, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Studio Art announces Rite of Passage, a stunning solo show by contemporary artist Megha Joshi. Introspective and inward-looking in meaning and interrogative with form and material, she explores a state of no-mind, no-opinion. These works mark an atheist’s rituals to look inwards. Drawings and Installations using unconventional materials draw the viewer into a quiet, contemplative world.

108 seemingly identical drawings, made daily over a period of a year, with two elements – the Rudraksha bead drawn in abstraction with no reference and Islamic patterns traced and drawn with the thinnest of paint through a cone, reveal states of mind in subtle ways. Her site-specific installations bring together the order and chaos she works with.