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Road Less Travelled: Sanjay Das

April 24-July 5, 2022

The Ambassador, Subramaniam Bharti Marg, Sujan Sing Park North, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gallery Ragini presents Road Less Travelled, a solo show of recent works by photographer Sanjay Das.

Sanjay Das  spent endless months patiently interacting with and photographing the lives and work of Bengal’s mask makers, weavers, conch shell craftsmen and idol makers, winning their trust and inhabiting their space to know more about their lives. The work sheds light on forgotten crafts and their intrepid makers who refuse to be cowed down by their financial hardship and continue to work producing incredibly beautiful textiles, pattachitra paintings, terracotta images and so much more. Beyond the exploration of the rural artisans and craftsmen in rural India, the works in this series captures the memories associated with the craft, the nexus between maker and user.

Find out more on the Gallery Ragini website.