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Rocketganj: Prateek Arora

November 4-December 2, 2023

PHOTOINK | A-4, Green Avenue Street Off Green Avenue, Church Rd, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India

PHOTOINK presents Rocketganj by Prateek Arora, an exhibition of AI-generated images.

Arora’s images challenge established modes of image-making and draw attention to the artistic possibilities of this confounding new technology. In his appropriation of machine-made images through text prompt, the artists raises several questions, key among which is—can the advent of AI-Generated images be seen as Post-photography?

In words of the artist: “Rocketganj is an experiment that employs the language and aesthetics of street photography, as well as the systems-design approach of science fiction concept art, to first bring to life, and then “document”, an entirely constructed and imagined reality. The attempt is to present a seemingly fantastical, unreal world as mundane lived reality, and by doing that, interrogate the medium of photography at a time when image-making is evolving faster and photography’s role in it is being challenged more than it has ever before in recent history.”

Find out more about the show here.