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Room to Breathe: Madhu Das

August 19-September 30, 2023

The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, London

Artist Madhu Das presents his first solo exhibition in the UK at The Art House this Summer. Following his time as TAH’s Artist in Residence in 2022 and supported by The Royal Over- Seas League, Room to Breathe brings together a new body of work inspired by the relationships Das built while getting to know and working with the local community in creative workshops at TAH.

In an ongoing investigation of how cultural and political factors can impact one’s life, Das uses a multitude of mediums to explore how trauma, anxiety and belief is connected to geography, history and community. For this exhibition, the artist has created a series of new algraphy, ceramics, drawings, photographs and textile sculptures. The collection of work speaks of the divergent, yet deeply intertwined stories from the refugee and asylum-seeking community.

Find out more about the show here.