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Rose Red, Rose Invisible, Visible in my Blood: C. Douglas

August 22-September 7, 2022

Akar Prakar, D 43, First Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Akar Prakar presents Rose Red, Rose Invisible, Visible in my Blood, an exhibition focusing on the work of C. Douglas, who is the most collected artist of the Madras Movement of India.

Douglas’ works in the exhibition capture his journey from the 1990s to just a few years ago. Crumpled and coated with sand and grey pigment, these paintings possess an inherent “slowness”, as the images of lighthouses, fetal forms and nebulous figures slowly emerge into view, due to the way they catch light.

Akar Prakar traces its roots to a family of Indian modern and contemporary art collectors, spanning three generations. The gallery has engaged extensively with international museums and curators, and in doing so, has created a transcultural space for Indian artists to enter.