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Saw Myself Staring at Myself in the Bluest Mirror: Hansika Sharma

February 9-March 9, 2022

Gallery Threshold, Online

Gallery Threshold presents an online solo show of works by Hansika Sharma titled Saw Myself Staring at Myself in the Bluest Mirror.

Blue is one of nature’s most highly revered colours. For Hansika Sharma it is a colour that she is always drawn back to. For the artist, the rich layers of indigo allow her to transcend to a meditative zone. Choosing her hand-dyed canvases intuitively, they set the s tage for the delicate interventions of her pen, needle and brush. In the Self Portrait series, we see a drama of textures. From the hypnotic regularity of white grid-like patterns to repetitive straight stitches, there seems to be an unconscious yet striking similarity to designs made from bandhani and kantha techniques.

View the show on the Gallery Threshold online viewing room.