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Sense and Sensibilities: A Reflective Realisation: Vikrant Bhise

January 20-March 16, 2024

Anant Art Gallery, A-21, Vyapar Marg, Block A, Sector 5, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Anant Art Gallery presents Sense and Sensibilities: A Reflective Realisationshowcasing works by Vikrant Bhise.

The artworks address contradictions and normative in contemporary times to set aside embedded presuppositions to dismantle ghettoized perceptions through the lens of Amedkarian thinking and aesthetic practices by using narratives belonging to his personal self and public self, employing figural multiplicities and complexities. Vikrant Bhise’s art practices stands away from the transcendental metaphysics and questions the logic of self from the position of reflective realisation.

Find out more about the show here.