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Serene: S. Harshavardhana

February 3-March 3, 2023

Art Alive Gallery, S-221, Gamal Abdel Nasser Marg, Block S, Panchsheel Park South, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Art Alive Gallery presents Serene, a solo show featuring contemporary artist S. Harshavardhana. This exhibition by S. Harshavardhana presents a suite of typical arrangements the artist invented for his studies – of geometry and symbolism in subtle/strong varying layers colour fields placed in a precise formation. A great lover of India’s tribal traditions he translates tribal symbolism into a modernist mooring of elements that sift and sieve through the tapestry of time. Critically juxtaposed with each other, Harshavardhana’s paintings bring to life the connections between the quiescent triangular forms, which encapsulates the artist’s committed investigation of the ways in which individual artists perceive and experience form and colour.