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Shifting Selves: Between meaning, mythology and mirage

11-28 August, 2021

TARQ, F 35/36 DhanrajMahal, C.S.M. Marg, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sarmaya Arts Foundation and TARQ is holding an exhibition Shifting Selves, that explores the ever-evolving crossroads of the self.

The show looks at themes of identity and belonging through the works of three gifted artists, Saju Kunhan, Saubiya Chasmawala and Rithika Merchant. Besides work from the three artists that serve as compass points for the exhibition, the show also includes a selection of objects, drawing connections from across the many genres of the Sarmaya collection, including photography, numismatics and indigenous and contemporary art.

This exhibition is the first in the series of collaborations between Sarmaya Arts Foundation and India’s leading art galleries in an attempt to explore the relationships between collectors, gallerists and artists.

Visits to the gallery can be arranged by appointment and the works can be viewed online on the TARQ website.