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Silently Continuing: Pooja Iranna

January 6-February 11, 2023

Aicon Art, 35 Great Jones St., New York, NY, USA

Aicon Art presents Silently Continuing, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Pooja Iranna.

Spanning the breadth of her practice, Silently Continuing… is an endeavor by Iranna to capture the sensations of a city as experienced by individuals, not as designed by architects and planners. The artist’s new body of work is extremely sensitive, as it attempts to bring forth what an explosion of urbanization—and its standardization that we see today in the name of modernization and development—would mean for an individual in real terms. Through drawings on acrylic sheets, lens-based media (including video and photography), and sculpture using glass, concrete and staple pins, the works in this exhibition attempt to trace the effects of architecture on emotions and psyche while simultaneously finding traces of our emotional and psychological lives in the structures and patterns of architecture.