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Simulacrum: Online Group Show

24-31 August, 2022

Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Anant Art is proud to present Simulacrum, an online group show featuring young contemporary artists.

Through their work, participating artists Abhishek Narayan Verma, Arshi Irshad Ahmadzai, Ashfika Rahman, Dhrubajit Sarma, Divya Singh, Hammad Gillani, Moonis Ahmad Shah, Neerja Kothari, Neha Grewal, Nilanjan Das, Pritish Bali, Sajeev Visweswaran, Sanket Jadia and Youdhisthir Maharjan challenge power and hierarchy through the prism of absence – disappearances, departures, vanishings and erasures.

The exhibition is part of the Delhi Art Week, a week-long celebration of the rich diversity of Indian contemporary and modern art in Delhi, taking place across four art zones, 37 galleries, two museums and several participating institutions.

To view the artworks, visit the gallery website.