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Spontaneous Order: An Unintended Coordination of Intentional Action

2-21 September, 2023

Tao Art Gallery, 165, The View, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai, India

Treasure Art Gallery in collaboration with Tao Art Gallery present Spontaneous Order: An Unintended Coordination of Intentional Action by Anni Kumari, curated by Wendy Coutinho.

Kumari employs mathematical concepts and ideas to convey anthropological realities. Her works draw inspiration from diverse realms, with each pattern unveiling a journey that explores arrangement and coordination within complex situations. Her fascination with rhythmic patterns and the fusion of folk and ritualistic art skills with contemporary coding and numeric logic is particularly intriguing, resulting in a captivating aesthetic. Her creations are grounded in mathematical algorithms, including prime numbers, factors, theorems, the Fibonacci series, golden ratios, golden spirals, and numerical sequences.

These elements transform into mesmerising visuals that invite viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of relationships, the delicate equilibrium between order and chaos, and the underlying mathematical principles that govern human existence.