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Tanabana: Saad Qureshi

June 5-July 10, 2021

Aicon Art, 35 Great Jones St., New York, NY, USA

Aicon Art is delighted to present Tanabana, an exhibition of works by Saad Qureshi.

Conceived in the context of a lockdown spent embedded with his extended family, this exhibition presents a selection of works that reflect and celebrate the oral and craft traditions forming central pillars of Qureshi’s heritage. Collecting rugs and books from his family library, he photographed all the important textiles he grew up with, cutting them in strips and re-weaving them into paper tapestries and bringing several patterns together to form completely new designs.

Taking his unique new Tanabana textile designs and referring back to family library, Qureshi has also conceived seven new monumental works inspired from the Sabaq-Amoz Kahaniya, exemplary moral stories shared for generations to instil good character in children.

To view the exhibition online, visit the gallery’s website.