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The Chaos Trilogy: Disorder Under Heaven

November 5, 2022-March 1, 2023

Alibaug, India

The Guild presents a group show titled The Chaos Trilogy: Disorder Under Heaven featuring artists Anju Dodiya, Atul Dodiya, G. R. Iranna, K. P. Reji, Kumari Ranjeeta, Mithu Sen, Navin Chahande, Pooja Iranna, Rashmimala, Sheba Chhachhi, Sudhir Patwardhan

The first part of the exhibition maps the history of India from the 90s onwards to assess the social, political, and economic shifts that played a crucial role in the contemporary turbulent situation. Apart from witnessing various political movements, the three decades in question are also marked by important anniversaries of various political events globally. This period is also coeval with the consolidation of a global art network and the rise of art festivals and
biennials. This exhibition attempts to map the chaos of the three decades visually and aesthetically. This will not be a chronological analysis, instead, it sets out to examine the iconic moments of this particular period to draw a connection with the present. The curatorial attempt is to configure chaos as an important phenomenon of the last three decades. The exhibition will aesthetically respond to the consequences and the possibilities that arise from this chaos.