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The Folding Cloud: Vanita Gupta

August 13-September 10, 2022

Kalakriti Art Gallery, 8-2-465/1, Road No. 4, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Kalakriti Art Gallery presents a solo show by Vanita Gupta titled The Folding Cloud.

The exhibition encompasses sculptures, installations, drawings, along with provocative and experimental videos. Every object Gupta composes is fluid with regard to the categories of materials she places before us, but contains a certain degree of certitude and temperance. The constructed artworks test the plasticity and strength of natural materials like metal, wood, or rubber.

Gupta’s practice deals with the minimal, most relevant, and perennially compelling forms. She confounds us by enlarging the definition of art, conflating genres and pictorial language. For her, the worn, decrepit condition of castoff debris offers endless opportunities to consecrate such stuff into untitled statuary, icons, and calibrated videoed performances that disclose her formal intentions.

The exhibition is part of the Delhi Art Week, a week-long celebration of the rich diversity of Indian contemporary and modern art in Delhi, taking place across four art zones, 37 galleries, two museums and several participating institutions.