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The Forestial Flock: Group Show

August 27-September 24, 2022

Shrine Empire, D-395, Lower Basement, Defence Colony New Delhi, Delhi, India

Shrine Empire presents Forestial Flock, a show that examines the link between modern activism and historical poetry.

Curator Adwait Singh took cues from modern ecological and feminist activism , and explored Sufi and Bhakti poetry in order to find possible examples of similar ideas. After this, he invited contemporary artists to develop this line of inquiry. The works created through the resulting explorations make up the exhibition, and were created by Amina Ahmed,  Arshi Ahmadzai, Baaraan Ijlal, Mithra Kamalam, Omer Wasim, Priyanka D’Souza and Khairani Barokka.

Shrine Empire focuses on promoting artists from South Asia, whose practices emphasize process, research, and a conceptual approach to media and material.