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The Heart of the Heart : Pallavi Paul

September 2-October 30, 2021

Project 88, BMP Building, N.A. Sawant Marg, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Project 88 presents The Heart of the Heart, Pallavi Paul’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Exploring the alienating concept of envy and taking its title from  mathematician Alexander Grothendieck’s phrase for a radically abstract space that lies at the very crux of the entire universe, the show invites viewers to enter into a mystical and scientific vastness: the heart of the heart. It asks whether in this doubled, shadowy, envious heart the current feeling of everything happening at once can sit restfully. Produced in the time of the pandemic, the works in the show reference the ‘Shroud of Turin’, the national emergency of 1975-77, the anti-Sikh pogrom, recent attacks on university students across the country and many more artistic and political moments.

Find out more on the Project 88 website.