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27-31 August, 2023

Raw Mango Chennai, Malligai, No 2/15 Cenotaph 1st Lane, Ganapathy Colony Main Rd, Teynampet, Chennai, India

Form and physicality of the human body in art has evolved over centuries. From being represented in its natural state to abstracting the visual, artistic practice from Madras has created an incredible oeuvre of art over the last two hundred years. Ashvita’s has curated a visual journey of understanding the body and form through the eyes of artists from the region.

This survey exhibition showcases artworks by artists who are largely connected by regional influences arising from a culturally-Tamil background. Starting with a mid-19th century terracotta Sadir Aatam dancer sculpture and a group of pre-institutional paintings, this exhibition traverses a journey from western academic art taught at the Madras School up to contemporary practices of today.

Highlighting the artistic heritage of Madras, Raw Mango and Ashvita’s brings together ’The History of Form and Physicality’, presenting a journey through the region’s rich history of art.

Find out more about the exhibition here.