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The Mystique of the Epic: Shuvaprasanna

5-30 August, 2022

Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Anandapur EM Bypass, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Kolkata Centre for Creativity presents The Mystique of the Epic, featuring the work of Shuvaprasanna, one of Bengal’s foremost contemporary artists.

Shuvaprasanna visualizes the abstract forms of all these significant events, the tangible composition of all characters and places, periods and realms, as they appear in his mind. A certain timelessness and spatial expansion happen as characters of epic proportions assume centre stage against Shuvaprasanna enigmatic backdrops.

Painted in the intersection of timelessness and spatial ambiguity, the characters remain moored to their mythological origins, but also retain a creative potency that allows the spectators to reimagine and reinterpret them against contemporary reality.