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There is Now a Wall: Rathin Barman

February 3-March 26, 2022

Experimenter - Hindustan Road, 2/1 Hindustan Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Experimenter presents There is Now a Wall, Rathin Barman’s fourth solo project at the gallery.

For over a decade Barman has been weaving narratives of history, architecture and memory through his sculptures by forging long lasting relationships with inhabitants of a range of grand homes, some built over two centuries ago, in North Kolkata. For Barman, the nuances of these structures, the narratives of their occupants, anecdotes and personal experiences act as tools for understanding the complex socio-political history. There is Now a Wall underscores the transitory nature of the built structures that not only house generations and mark the idea of what is home, but also the memories and relationships that they hold within them.

Find out more on the Experimenter website.