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February 2, 2024 4:00 pm — 5:00 pm

Auditorium, India Art Fair Grounds

Join us as visionary designer Vikram Goyal and Yannick Lintz, President of the Guimet Museum and Asian and Islamic Art expert, explore the rich craft traditions of the region and engage with the tapestry of the Silk Road’s artistic heritage. While Vikram Goyal delves into his larger-than-life repoussé works, that become a smorgasbord of cultural elements from the countries that formed cornerstones of the Silk Road, where his artistic practice and inspiration will be connected with comments on today’s craft culture, Yannick Lintz will share her insights on the way the Silk Road is embraced in an Asian art museum today and how to bring out the rich multi-cultural facets of the road itself. Moderated by Pramod Kumar KG, Co-Founder of Eka Archiving, this dialogue promises to spark connections between artistic alchemy and enduring craft, revealing their relevance today.

Generously supported by JSW and curated by researcher and arts manager, Priya Chauhan, ART ACROSS —— celebrates the power of critical dialogue and the critical need for celebrating the arts. Spanning key issues in art, design and architecture from a variety of perspectives including from institutions, market experts, philanthropists and creatives, the series aims to foster an inclusive platform to explore contemporary culture, with South Asia at its centre. All talks will also be conducted in Indian Sign Language.

Vikram Goyal: Based in New Delhi, Vikram Goyal has spent two decades refining a contemporary design language within the international collectible design market. Drawing on the expertise of specialist artisans from across the country and a deep exploration of Indian metalwork traditions, his work personifies the spirit and skill of artisanal techniques found in historic objects and translates the rich legacy of craft excellence from India into modern, timeless designs that resonate at home and abroad.

Yannick Lintz: During her career, Dr Yannick Lintz served, among other positions, as advisor for museums and heritage to the then Education minister Jack Lang. She was appointed head of the Islamic Art Department at the Louvre in 2013, a position she held until 2022 when she was appointed Director of the National Museum of Asian Art – Guimet by French president Emmanuel Macron. A foremost specialist of Iranian arts and Islamic arts, she has curated numerous international exhibitions like Medieval Morocco, or Splendors of the Uzbek oases at the Louvre Museum. Her involvement in major cultural diplomacy initiatives translated into several large scale and ground-breaking projects with Arab countries, Central Asia and Iran.

Pramod Kumar KG: Pramod Kumar KG is the co-founder of Eka Archiving Services, India’s first museum and cultural advisory firm. He has curated shows, lectured extensively worldwide and contributed to several publications and was the founder director of the Jaipur Literature Festival.