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Tremors: Visakh Menon

August 18-September 26, 2021

Blueprint12, C-66 Anand Niketan, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Over the last decade, Visakh Menon has been exploring the impact of human-machine interaction on perception. His meditative and repetitive practice focuses on the visual language of digital artefacts and the aesthetics of glitch, error and noise.

Compositionally these works are inspired by geometric abstraction and color field paintings, the process transitioning from digital to traditional mediums of drawing and painting. The algorithmic aesthetics of these works pushes into focus both the functional (generative) and dysfunctional (glitch) nature of code as a tool for expression. His works resemble a brain scan or a heart monitor, their pulsing beats syncopated by contrasting colors.

These works are also influenced by his interest in non-traditional graphic musical scores & representation of sound visually. Visakh uses colored inks and a porous rice paper for his work.

The show will also be available to view online at the Blueprint12 website.