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Truth Or Dare: Group Show

April 10-June 10, 2023

Studio Art, W 16, Third Floor, Okhla Phase - II, New Delhi, India

Women in India have had a substantial role in the growth of Indian economy. Despite a lack of access to capital, they have proved to be more efficient and have a higher level of performance , which categorises them as low risk and high return, creating a positive impact on the Indian economy as well as social responsibility. Despite this data, the formal participation of women as a work force in India remains low.

What causes a society to define or assess gender roles? What and who are being protected through these traditional norms? How have we progressed as a society if we decide on someone’s extent of freedom? How does our society change and grow if we continue to hang on to such age old norms ?

The exhibition Truth or Dare puts together visual stories by women photographers and filmmakers, who have sensitively explored this changing world of women from various stratas of life in India. These are a few success stories of a handful of individuals who gathered immense strength and courage to fight, break out, and create a change within their lives in a strongly conventional patriarchal society.