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Unmasked: Jyotsna Shourie Dance Company

September 15, 2023

The Royal Opera House, Mama Parmanand Marg, Mumbai, India

The Jyotsna Shourie Dance Company presents Unmasked, a contemporary Bharatnatyam performance of the Ramayana told through a modern lens.

A curious student is sent back in time by his professor to the treta yug, to watch the Ramayana unfold in Lanka.Two parallel stories unravel as the student questions age old stereotypes of good and evil, while complex nuances of the Ramayana emerge.

The production is a melange of Bharatanatyam and contemporary dance, comedy and theater, mythology and fiction. It has been directed by Jyotsna Shourie, produced by Aneesha Grover and written by Jyotsna Shourie, Aneesha Grover, Reuben Israel and Sriraam Padmanabhan with music by Daniel B George and OS Arun. The sets have been designed by Nitya Vaishnavi Singh.

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