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Vision and Landscape: Aquatints of India

October 10-December 11, 2022

DAG, The Taj Mahal Palace, Arthur Bunder Road, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

DAG presents Vision and Landscape, a specially curated showcase of one-hundred-and-forty-four rare aquatint prints collectively known as Oriental Scenery that represent the single-largest and most impressive project by English artists to depict Indian architecture and landscape of the 18th century.

The show exhibits views of places the Daniells visited on their first travel expedition, up the Ganga and to Delhi, views of Calcutta and Madras alongside views of Madurai and other major sites they visited on their tour of the south, alongside elaborate views of the south and the Himalayan foothills, Garhwal, views of sites they visited in western India (near Bombay) along with others of places they saw on their northern and southern tours and aquatints all depicting rock-cut temples at Ellora. The series remains the single largest pictorial documentation of landscape and architecture of India by any artist.