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Warli Whispers: Group Show

December 1, 2023-January 15, 2024

Inherited Arts Forum | F 320, First Floor, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, India

Inherited Arts Forum presents Warli Whispers: The artistic journey of the Mashe family, a group exhibition showcasing the work of artists Balu Jivya Mashe, Sadashiv Jivya Mashe and Vijay Sadashiv Mashe.

Balu Jivya Mashe and Sadashiv Jivya Mashe are Warli artists and the sons of the renowned Warli artist Jivya Soma Mashe. They are joined by Mashe’s grandson Vijay. The exhibition showcases the transformation and revival of Warli painting by the family, and their distinctive touches  community is a largely agricultural one and the tradition is to paint the mud walls of houses especially during harvest season and auspicious occasions. A largely female oriented activity, it has been taken up by the men of the tribe in a commercial sense of the practice.

Find out more about the show here.