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We Live to Fight: Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati

2-6 November, 2023

Shridharani Auditorium, Triveni Kala Sangam, 205 Tansen Marg, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Art Incept presents We Live to Fight, a solo show by Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati, curated by Prima Kurien. This show introduces viewers to the sweaty and dingy underground world of wrestling, of flexed muscles, black-and-blue bruises, and cold staredowns – it is a spectacle, a floodlit circus of hidden arenas and second-rate halls where we glimpse the fighter in a constant state of preparation for the fight of its life.

The black-and-white photographs – emphasising the timeless nature of such a sport and pastime – introduce us to artists,
boxers, and wrestlers that not only grab attention, but also honour a legacy of martial arts that has dotted the Bangladeshi landscape for decades. Zobayer’s images leave us with an intimacy of a life that exists beyond a scoreboard.

The show continues at Art Incept, Gurugram until November 25, 2023.

Find out more about the show here.