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When Attitude Takes Form: Group Show

April 7-May 14, 2022

Akara Art, 4/5Churchill Chambers, 32 Mereweather Street, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Akara Art presents a show titled When Attitude Takes Form of works by A A Raiba, B Vithal, K G Subramanyan, K K Hebbar, Lalu Prasad Shaw, Laxman Pai, Laxman Shreshtha, Piraji Sagara, Rasik Raval, Reba Hore, Sailoz Mukherjee and Shanti Dave.

The show features unique pairings of modernists who were growing up in an India around the same time in the middle of the 20th Century that was a creative ferment of attitudes and beliefs, encouraging the artists to experiment with their narratives and forms. In this quick dive into art from the early 50s to the late 80s, this exhibition shows us how the past practices, living memories and revisited traditions were notable inspirations for these artists. They changed their techniques, shared ideas and used their imagination to fuel new creations. The kaleidoscope of colours, new concepts and determined attitudes were what made these artists challenge not just themselves but also their art.

Find out more on the Akara art website.