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Whispering Lanes: Debasish Mukherjee

February 7, 2023

Akar Prakar, D-43, Block D, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Akar Prakar will be hosting a special preview of Whispering Lanes, a solo show of works by Debasish Mukherjee as a part of the Defence Colony Gallery Night. Through this body of works, Mukherjee expands on his deep-rooted inquiry into spaces and memories.

Employing the medium of installation-based artworks and mixed media, Mukherjee delves deeper into his own memory of places like Benaras where he has spent some of the most transformative years of his life for his art practice. His years spent in Benaras as a student of painting at the Benaras Hindu University and the events that marked those years including the Mandal Commission and the Babri Masjid demolition changed his perspective of the world as is.

Defence Colony Gallery Night is an annual evening during India Art Fair week when three major galleries in Defence Colony come together for an exciting evening of openings, previews and walkthroughs.