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Accessibility at IAF 2022. Courtesy of India Art Fair.


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Who can come to India Art Fair?

India Art Fair is for absolutely everyone! With a little help from our friends at Access For All and the Marg Foundation, we have been able to make the fair more accessible for a wider audience. All frontline staff and volunteers at the fair are trained and sensitised on accessibility needs, and are able to support persons with disabilities, the elderly and people in need. Inclusion is a key element in making the fair accessible for all, and we have a dedicated Inclusion Lab in place at the fair!

Is there a wheelchair accessible entrance?

India Art Fair is 100% wheelchair-friendly from entry to exit. We also have reserved parking at Gate 6 for senior citizens and people with disabilities, as well as special help desks at the Box Office for those looking to purchase preview passes and tickets at the fair. However, to avoid long queues, we recommend that you purchase your tickets online and in advance of the event. On special request and prior intimation, we are also able to provide a wheelchair access buddy who can take you around the fair.

Is the fair venue wheelchair-friendly?

Yes! Our exhibition halls have wide aisles and connecting spaces are interlinked with accessible ramps to allow for easy maneouverability across the entire venue. Our drop-off, parking and restrooms are accessible for one and all, and we take particular care to ensure that all signages at the fair are clear and indicate the accessibility features available at the fair.

I’m a new parent. Can I bring my little one along to the fair?

Yes, please do! We encourage new parents and families to visit the fair for a cultural day-out. The fair has multiple ways to keep children at the fair engaged through dedicated programming at the Inclusion Lab. We also have dedicated nursing and feeding rooms available on site as well as a diaper changing area. Baby strollers and prams can also be utilized at the fair, given our accessible ramps, paved and flat routes that allow for easy maneuverability.

I have a hearing impairment. Will I be able to enjoy the fair programming? 

Of course, you can! At the fair, all talks, conversations and a selection of workshops and walkthroughs are made accessible through our dedicated team of trained and experienced sign language interpreters.

I am visually impaired. How can I experience the fair?

To ensure greater engagement with the art on display, our Inclusion Lab will have a dedicated corner with tactile braille artworks, reproduced from original artworks displayed across the exhibition halls, for the visually impaired and blind visitors to come and experience the art through touch. We also ensure that there is appropriate lighting so that the booths aren’t too dark, and large print captions are available for artwork on display. 

Can I bring my service pet to the fair?

While we’d love to have our furry friends visit, at the moment animals are not permitted on the venue. 

What is the Inclusion Lab and how can I take part?

The Inclusion Lab at the fair is an open, non-judgemental and accessible space curated by Access For ALL, for inclusive art workshops for children with disabilities, adults with varied needs and for all those keen to use art as a therapy and medium of expression. All throughout the fair days, we have specially curated programming focused on accessibility and inclusion within the visual arts. The Lab will also be enabled with a Sensory Art Rest Corner, a sanctuary from the excitement of the fairgrounds.

I am an arts educator at a special needs school and I’d like to bring my students to experience the fair. How can I register a special request?

To take part in the programmes running in the Inclusion Lab, get in touch with our inclusivity coordinator who will ensure you have a seamless experience at the fair. Register your request by letting us know your date of visit, number of students you’d like to bring to the fair, ideally not more than 15-20 students in one batch, and any access needs that you would like to specify. Please email all details to 

Whom do I reach out to for registering special requests for aid at the fair?

For all accessibility related queries and special requests, get in touch with our team who will make every effort to accommodate your requests to make the fair an enjoyable and accessible experience for you or your loved ones. Please email