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Art Indus

Since it’s inception in 1997 Art Indus has established itself as a gallery for contemporary Indian art in keeping with the quintessence of its eponym ‘Indus’. Over the years, Art Indus has come to be recognized for its distinct curatorial oeuvre consistently seeking art that evinces the timeless in the present.

Forbearing of edicts deeply ingrained in India’s mythical culture and philosophical tradition that bolster an Indianness greatly inclusive and appreciative of concomitant threads of locations, times and sensibilities, Art Indus has ardently stood by the culturally progressive milieu that as Indians and Asians we ascribe to as ancient and as much to being of the future and present, what one inherits as the admixture of our unique spiritual fabric. Something that is an artist’s own spiritual medium in any given time, place or discipline, reinstating art’s primacy as a Philosophia Perennis; of something known and inherited and cultivated from generations before us. A perspective that is neither narrative bound nor too contextual being much rather art’s indelible expanse beyond the artist’s own lifetime. An attribute that may truly transcend time and space, as fringes of the universal weakening into particular!