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Unnati Cultural Village

UNNATI, a unique initiative by the Chaudhary Foundation in Nepal, caters to the cultural growth and evolution of traditional knowledge systems, living heritage, art, cuisine, women’s empowerment, and livelihoods towards a larger goal of sustainable development of people and cultures across Nepal. As the abbreviation suggests, it is the focal point for Uplifting National, Natural, Artistic and Traditional Industries.

UNNATI’s philosophy of revival entails the survival of national heritage through forms of crafts, dance, music, foods, language, and habitat and encompasses the philosophy of life by which civilizations once thrived in culture and traditions. The essence is to bring the lost and found, old and new, back into our everyday lives. UNNATI is a living ecosystem of the Culture of each ethnicity that takes root in the spaces as a receptacle of various forms of tangible and intangible heritage and culture.