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100 Years of S.H. Raza

February 22-March 5, 2022

Akar Prakar, P 238, Hindustan Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Akar Prakar presents 100 Years of S.H. Raza on the occasion of his birth centenary.

This suite of works being shown highlights Raza’s small works and drawing pages where he has not only written poetry but made drawings, which flow from him just as music does from a musician who has been doing riaz for years. A master colourist Raza evolved a personal plastic language in which he explored life, reality and nature.┬áHe also thoughtfully deviated from the dominant crisis and tension driven modernism, its dissonance to alternative modernity of peace, silence and consonance discovered in humility and tranquillity.

Find out more on the Akar Prakar website.