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The Lyrical Impulse

February 14-March 5, 2022

Art Heritage, 205 Tansen Marg, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Art Heritage presents The Lyrical Impulse, a show exploring water-based works by three artists, Devraj Dakoji, Jean Bhownagary and Seema Kohli.

Each of the artists in the show use water-based mediums in distinctive ways, and stray from the traditional use of watercolours for small landscapes to use this inherently unruly and mischievous medium to suit their own purposes. Devraj Dakoji’s watercolours straddle the abstract and figurative with an emphasis on nature, Jean Bhownagary creates forms using bold and brisk brushstrokes, and Seema Kohli uses a combination of watercolours and pen to create mythic spaces.

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