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A Pastoral Eulogy: Prasad KP

October 15-November 5, 2022

Palette Art Gallery, 14, Golf Links, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Palette Art Gallery presents a solo exhibition of contemporary artist Prasad KP, titled A Pastoral Eulogy. Drawing motifs from his native village, the artist brings to his art landscapes filled with lush forests, rich hues of nature and rustic life. The exhibition features his recent paintings of various sizes that mainly engages with landscapes and rustic life. Prasad is known for his rich detailing of lush forests, vivid colors of the topography and the meticulous depiction miniature figures using the medium of watercolour.

In this solo exhibition, Palette has featured works from the artist that range from different sizes and exclusively deal in the realm of landscapes, inspired by Prasad’s surroundings and experiences in Kerala.