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Between Form and Space : Tracing the Bindu through an Archive

October 26-November 6, 2022

CSMVS Museum, Fort, MG Road, Mumbai, Maharastra, India

The Raza Foundation and Art Musings presents Between Space and Form: Tracing the Bindu through an Archive, curated by Jesal Thacker. The Raza Foundation, holds the largest archive of artist Sayed Haider Raza, in the form of correspondences with artist friends, art connoisseurs, critics and a gamut of letters with younger artists, gallerists, institutes etc. Accompanied with unseen photographs and a repository of newspaper articles, catalogues and essays that forms the fabric of his creative impulsions, constructions and transformations.

Between Form and Space: Tracing the Bindu through an Archive specifically delineates S.H. Raza’s intense search for language, love and identity. Exhibiting facsimile reproductions of letters with friends Krishen Khanna and Ashok Vajpeyi along with fervent expressions of love to Janine, the exhibition maps the creative vigour and labour that he constantly experienced in the very early years. The letters also demonstrate his longing to return to India each year, reminiscing its texture, aroma, sound and flavour that triggered him to create iconic works such as Zameen, Rajasthan, Oasis, Ma etc. Agony, laughter, poetry, longing, patience are all woven into these conversations, with a determination to support Indian artists, especially the young.